2024 Shortlisted for the Kadare Prize

The Eye-Balloon (Novelette)

The city of Morphia is stunned when an eye like balloon appeared in the sky and mounted toward infinity. The following two weeks are filled with wonder and fear, lack of politics and abundance of religion, fans of Odilon Redon and drunk unsuccessful salesmen.

Published 2021

Bar Sahara

A collection of short stories that put together elements of the real and the surreal, both faithful to human perceptions and emotions. The book was published by Albas Publishing House, thanks to the support from the National Center of Books and Readings, as the first prize winner in prose for young writers.

You can find here in my blog some of the stories included in the collection.

2017 – Present

Set the controls for the heart of the sun (Novel – In progress)

Set in an alternate history of ancient Egypt, a Scientist is trying to control the Sun, some priests are protesting, the ruler remains indifferent and a young confused scribe is uncertain on what to make of all that.

2017 – Present

In the sphere (Novel – In progress)

A man in his forties, once an ambitious writer with high hopes, embarks on a journey inside a magical sphere, to meet his younger self and to recall past events that contributed to the negligence of his writing career.

2018 – 2019

Villa Alberta Madeheim Lodish (Novelette)

In a villa that once shaped the city lifestyle, an old woman is haunted by the memories of her life, reluctant to go out of her house.


Anthology of best works from Literary Festival for Young Writers, 4th Edition

Publisher: TOENA Publishing House, Tirana, Albania

Short Story: Nothing new in the west


An Unusual Event (Screenwriter)

Selected and realized by studAVP, funded with the support of the European Union under the Tempus programme, a collaboration between Tirana, Sarajevo and Belgrade

Short movie script, based on my short story with the same name – See it here


Anthology of best works from Creative Europe initiative Europe in your thoughts

Publisher: European Culture and Values Project Group, Novi Sad, Serbia

Short Story: A journey with the German